Michael Spiegel
Michael Spiegel
Product Designer who loves to solve problems in the ever growing digital world and its ever diverse user.

Hi, I’m Michael

I’m a digital product designer with over 10 years experience, formerly an architect out of Michigan, now located in the Bay Area.

I help to strategically conceive, refine and deliver best in class products to make complex tasks simple and intuitive for people to use. My work encompasses graphics and identity, architecture and interiors, products and packaging, websites and digital experiences.


My Design Process


At the research stage, I help you to discover knowledge gaps and align your assumptions with real user expectations. We identify a strategy to support both user needs and your business goals. Strategies and deliverables may include:

  • Goal Analysis

  • Personas

  • Workflows

  • Competitor Benchmarking

Information Architecture & Wireframes

Ensuring that the visual structure and presentation of information on an application is intuitive and correlated with existing user mental models and expectations is a cornerstone of the UX design. We ensure that the right information is presented in the right way, in the right place, and at the right time. Strategies and deliverables may include:

  • information architecture

  • layouts

  • Clickable Prototypes

User Testing

User Experience

User Interface



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