StumbleUpon Advertising

StumbleUpon Advertising was a project aimed to redefine the product and branding of a successful, but fairly unknown advertising platform. This initial design was more about updating and polish with some minor improvements to features, experience, and process. 

It currently exists in beta at

Role: I worked for 6-8 months leading the design with stakeholder feedback. I took the project from start to finish with users building ads on StumbleUpon today (it still exists, i know!). 

Problem: We need to bring the advertising product into the modern age. This was a product built by engineers, and it showed. We solved some pain points in a few strategic releases:

  1. Streamline the way people create ads on StumbleUpon Paid Discovery.
  2. Update the Dashboard to make it easier for users to run their ads more efficiently.
  3. Refresh the entire user interface.

Wireframes for Create Campaign. This led to the next two iterations.

Creating an Advertisment


  • Users creating advertising were successful about 62% of the time.
  • Internal CSM agents created approximately 17% of all advertisements on StumbleUpon. 


  • Increase success rate of campaign creation.
  • Increase advertisement spending.
  • Increase campaign fulfillment success.
  • Reduce internal resources (save money).

Hypothesis: Reduce the amount of screens necessary to create a campaign. Categorize information more appropriately. Create some education for the user behind a successful campaign: How many interests should a user select? What are similar interests or popular ones?


Combine Six Pages into One

Round 1

I combined everything into one page with three main buckets: Target Audience, Budget, and Campaign Review. We brought interest bundles to the forefront to get people to select more interests.

  • Success rate jumped to 80%
  • Campaign Pricing increased from .16 to .21 per stumble
  • Campaign fulfillment increased 8%
  • Internal CSMs were fulfilling less requests, and faster.

Research and Polish

Round 2

To align with the new styling I made some minor adjustment and refined on the user experience to try and improve on the metrics.

  • All Devices, All Locations, All Interests more prominent increasing fulfillment by another 4%.
  • Simplified Budgeting and feedback increased price per stumble from .21 to .23 cents.
  • Further reduced time to completion.

StumbleUpon Ads

Phase 2 - redesign

After refining the Create Campaign tool I started working on a new vision for the advertising tool. Navigation, data visualization, and information architecture were the biggest problems to be addressed. Also, it was difficult to get the overall health of all your campaigns at a glance.





Information Architecture and Flows


Final Designs