Remote Control

This project represents a significant amount of work on the development side and design side. Stepping on I initially was tasked with the iPhone development for approximately four months. Thereafter I took on the entire UI/UX and drove the project forward.

The remote control interacts with the in-dash infotainment systems accompanying all new vehicles featuring the NTG5 system. One of a kind in a luxury vehicle, this system allows almost complete control of the vehicle features. And with this iPhone app it puts that power into the hands of every passenger. 



Car Ready

Cohesive Brand, Driver Distraction, Security, Animations, Inputs, Usability, Localization, and Safety to name a few. So many variables added to the inherent complexity of a mobile app.


Luxury Entertainment

Mercedes customers have a certain expectation of quality and style. It goes without saying the brand Mercedes has established is iconic to stray significantly is difficult. I was asked to replicate the experience in the car and apply it to the iPhone. This resulted in very skeuomorphic assets and designs, but provided very technically challenging production. However, I urged dramatic simplification in order to make the iPhone experience worthwhile.


Take Control of Your Car


Multifunctional Seats

"Son, adjust my lumbar support for me would ya?" While it's an edge case it's also a possibility. With the new system you can take control of all the screens and seat controls available.