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Where dreams seriously do come true (trust me, I know)



Purple Patch’s site was a hodgepodge of different microservices. Content didn’t align and the onboarding experience was clunky at best. Being too focused on building a following created lots of inconsistency across the web and their brand.


Make a triathlon coaching website worthy of it's exceptional coach and philosophy. Matt Dixon, a former professional, has lead over a dozen professionals to 100s of titles and allowed aspiring amateurs to pursue their dreams.

shared passion

Matt was my coach for a little over two years. I came to him after a few years of successful results at the Half Ironman 70.3 level with aspirations of finally making it the Ironman World Championships in Kona. Maybe it was karma, but I’m happy to report we both achieved our goals.


A purple… patch

If someone, especially a sports player or team, goes through a purple patch, they are very successful or lucky for a period. It was originally a figurative reference to florid literary passages, added to a text for dramatic effect.


Triathlon Coaching

Purple Patch triathlon coaching provides a customized training experience for all levels of athlete. We believe in creating training plans that meet the needs and lives of each individual athlete. All of our programs are designed to accommodate your lifestyle needs and focus on developing your fitness, endurance and race-day performance while having fun.


Scoping, Information Architecture, and Wireframes


information architecture

A critical exercise in defining scope, and understanding a client’s expectations is to lay out for them explicitly the map of their website. For some clients, it’s enlightening and raises important questions. Below was a plan that have all new page designs stroked in blue.


I provided a scope of work document in addition to a gaant chart estimating the timetable for all the deliverables. The core items we originally spoke about for the project we’re pretty close to our delivery date. But, as the project progressed, the scope expanded and the estimates expanded with them.


The Blog

The main goals of the blog was to drive engagement, social media, and an opportunity for a little self-promotion.