Product Design

Below you'll find highlighted work focused on product. To me, product design encompasses the entire design process and practically every role: Interaction Design, UX, UI, Graphic and Visual, Motion and Animation, User Research, Data Analysis, and Business Strategy. More importantly, it involves a deep understanding and empathy for the user and their pain points and an enormous capacity to communicate across different teams and personalities. 


Mesosphere DC/OS Catalog

DC/OS Catalog is analogous to the App Store for the iPhone. Administrators and DevOps Teams can now use the interface to manage services in their data center.

June 2017

Mesosphere DC/OS

Mesosphere DC/OS automates rollout and production operations for orchestrated containers and data services with it's very own Operating System for Data Centers.

November 2017

StumbleUpon Advertising

StumbleUpon Advertising is a project aimed to redefine the product and branding of a successful, but fairly unknown advertising platform. 

June 2014


StumbleUpon Profile

StumbleUpon delivers compelling websites to you in an instant. Based on your interests, it scours the web for what's going viral and delivers it to you before it happens.

August 2014

Mercedes-Benz AMG Performance Media

The new AMG Performance Media combines numerous telemetric displays such as various engine data, lateral and linear acceleration, and more.

March 2011


Diabetes Health Tracker

A case study trying to create an application positioned to help patients positively approach monitoring their health with a little help from some friends. 

November 2013