Mesosphere DC/OS Catalog

Role: I served as the design lead on this project. Other stakeholders included the Lead Designer, Product Manager(s), and Lead Technical and Frontend Engineers. Not to mention, executive level interest given the critical nature of the product.

Problem: Package Installation is an extremely laborious task in the workplace. Before, it often involved scanning endless documentation, tinkering with superfluous settings, and ultimately leading to a failed configuration.

I was tasked with creating a solution that allowed customers to install with one-click, but also accounting for the extremely technical and custom environments of many private clients. These customers encountered an advanced experience accompanied with the helping hand of beautiful documentation.


How do I Deploy a Service?


Here was where users could understand what was running on their system, and the health of each service. A user would be able to identify problem areas from this screen based on the status, understand resource utilization, and click the "+" to add additional services.

Mesosphere DC/OS - Pac

running a service

Users had the option to run their own service or select from a list of endorsed options we offered. 

The DC/OS Services would install with a single click. This was truly amazing, almost to the point customers couldn't believe it and didn't trust it. User tests were astonishing. 

A Container Service or Docker Compose Image made for a more complicated procedure laid out below.


Customizing a Container Service

If a user did want to customize their configuration, this was a complicated process. 

  1. Setup a Container

  2. Adjust your Network Settings

  3. Add Internal or External Volumes

  4. Add Health Checks

  5. Add Security with Environment Variables, Secrets, and Labels

  6. Review & Run