Little nuggets about me

As a Product and UI/Visual Designer I focus on designing and shipping mobile, web, and desktop applications or websites that solve difficult problems and create delightful user experiences.

Formally educated with a Masters in Architecture, the road to design was somewhat unexpected. However, it has molded me into the designer that I am today. Formulating a plan for a hospital is similar, albeit on a smaller scale, to designing a flow to create a campaign on an advertising service. 

As a result, my workflow is somewhat unique with a heavy focus on exploration and ideation. I always try to expand the thought process and think outside of the box, then find the constraints and create the best solution. In greater detail, this translates to product discovery and planning, iteration and exploration, user research, rapid prototyping & validation, UI design, some frontend HTML/CSS while working closely with engineering, product teams, and stakeholders.

I've been a Senior Product Designer on teams at Mesosphere and StumbleUpon. Previously I focused on UI Design at HighlightCam and Mercedes-Benz with energy in mobile design and custom interfaces.

Outside of my dedication to my work, I balance my life with a passion for triathlon. Movement, exercise, and health make life more exciting and invigorates my work. This past year I participated in two Ironman events and qualified for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii.


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