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The Chip and Cern Show is a podcast about everything and nothing at the same time. This show is real, random, rant filled and ruleless. Be sure to follow the Chip and Cern Show to never miss an episode. Give it a like on Facebook, subscribe on iTunes or a thumbs up on YouTube. If you are digging what they do be sure to tell a friend. 

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Mr. S does good work. Solid AF
— Chip and Cern

The Work

Role: My good friend, Chipper, and his much older high school buddy have been doing a podcast for a few years. For a while there, life got in the way but they were now reigniting their passion. They were looking to update their brand and identity, didn't have any money, but certainly had lots of creative thought. We worked together to create a direction that was colorful and zany and that reflected who they were as individuals.

Asset Deliveries: Logo Design, Podcast Icon/Logo, Social Media Imagery, Brand and Style Guide



In with the new!!

The new design featured caricatures of both Chipper and Cern. Chipper has some very identifiable features (see luscious locks, glasses, and arm sleeves). The one things I latched onto about Cern was his affinity towards hats and perpetual stubble. So I took those and ran with them.

The result was a fairly safe blue, but still bold and fun. The play on the lettering and the upside Chipper not only reflected his personality but the way they often spoke during their podcast. You never knew where they were going, coming from, and what was next. Primarily conversation and topic driven I looked at it as a he said, he said and used the quintessential chat bubbles to represent the podcast. The last bit that only someone from their demographic would note is the retro feel which speaks to such things as The Price is Right.


out with the old...

How cliché is the microphone? The embossed letting? The inner shadow? Honestly, it's actually not bad considering the times. In 6 years what I did will probably be considered garbage and this will be in style again.

The fun take aways from this logo was how similar it was to other tv show talk show logos. I thought the slight nod to that would be something we could work with, thus the retro feel on the left with the slight angles and intersecting geometries.