Automotive Performance Media

This package of vehicle applications was custom made using Android and specifically engineered to meet the standards of the automotive industry. It displays a graphic representation of vehicle-specific data for the race inclined. It intuitively connects with the COMAND system found across all Mercedes-Benz vehicles. And it now supports extended applications customized for the car such as Aupeo and YouTube.

The design and implementation of this product incorporated many challenges. The limitations of auto safety standards coupled with the restrictions of the COMAND system forced a very creative use of controls to create the best user experience. This is the first of it's kind in such a high performance vehicle.

SLSinterior-APM3-screen03-960x384 2.png

© Mercedes-Benz

The video above was created for the 2012 CES Innovation Award, which we won.

© Mercedes-Benz




The demo below was placed in house with a custom COMAND module embedded into a display kiosk. This required us to remotely run the application which included the video below. The rest of the system worked as it would in the vehicle but simply lacked real-time data.

Here you have the touch screen kiosk as seen on the television.  I created a custom background to incorporate all the different elements of the kiosk while maintaining the integrity of the Mercedes and AMG brand. The top section played the sizzle video as well as the demo of the real-life data. The middle section was mapped to the COMAND system we customized for the user to preview the interface. The bottom was an area to gesture between the different images.